• Beautiful custom painted shutters! You choose the color or consult with our designers.
  • Make white shutters pop against an accent wall color.
  • Unify several windows into an impressive wall of shutters.
  • Windows on a stair wall? No problem.
  • Rich stained wood shutters in 4.5 inch louvers.
  • Don't like the height above floor of your window sills? Our staff give you a floor to ceiling look.
  • A wrap around view is very appealing in shutters ~~ Lovely transoms above.
  • Unique shapes and small sizes are our favorites. With shutters these can have such personality!
  • Shutters at your kitchen window. How functional and chic.
  • Have a French door? Global will build out the box For No Additional Charge to accommodate wide louvers.
  • Example of an arched window without a shutter arch added.
  • Swing-in-shutters with solid wood at eyebrow arch.
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